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One brush, many artists

BIG Picture is all about providing a shared focus for groups

BIG Picture builds on a process called Graphic Facilitation.

Graphic Facilitation involves an Artist, a.k.a Graphic Facilitator, eavesdropping on a group’s conversation. They then use this information, there and then, to create a visual representation of the ideas being exchanged.

The artist interprets the key points as images, emblems and motifs combining them to form a schematic of the unfolding discussion. This helps organise contributions, making it easy to see important features and complex connections.

But deadcatdreaming doesn’t stop there!

So what’s the deadcatdreaming difference?

At deadcatdreaming, we take this process and turn the volume all the way up. The vital difference is that the images making it onto the visual record are never ours. Instead, the imagery belongs to the group, the real artists; who work together to nurture their own visual metaphors.

Deadcatdreaming’s position is that metaphors are much more than mere embellishment or poetic licence. Metaphors bind all that we think and do. They are the bedrock of language. They sustain our conceptual systems, framing our perceptions and shaping our day-to-day behaviours.

When groups work with deadcatdreaming, they move through a process of defining and refining shared meanings; enriching understanding and raising collective awareness. Whilst the creation of new metaphors brings with it fresh opportunities and different ways of both seeing and being in the future.

Painted large, by the graphic facilitator,  for all to see, these colourful creations avoid becoming illustrated flow charts or collections of buzz words. Instead they act as art should, inspiring contemplation and provoking new insights.

The finished artwork is yours to keep, a permanent and evocative reminder of a unique and powerful experience.

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BIG Picture in practice

BIG Picture works well across a range settings, whether it’s to anchor ideas and champion participation or spark imaginations and co-create solutions. For more information about how it is used, either at conferences and trade shows, supporting your existing event or helping create the world’s most colourful team action plan, use the buttons to read on.

Enhanced Events
Enhanced Events
Mission Maps
Mission Maps

BIG Picture learning

Your event might be over, but the power of BIG Picture is that the inspiration lives on. Whilst the artwork is yours to showcase as a constant reminder of what was important about your event, deadcatdreaming also offer additional ways for you to share the embedded messages with a wider audience.

The options range from ‘shadow’ posters that can be placed alongside the completed graphic, providing a brief summary of the images, through to full reports explaining each motif in detail. Alternatively, you can just opt for the separated images. Images are supplied royalty free, which means you can create your own report or use them elsewhere in other visual materials, whether that be presentations, brochures or to share online; providing you with a visual library, rich in meaning.





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