BIG Picture

One Brush, Many Artists


Your running order is ready, the inspirational keynote speakers lined up, things are all set to host an incredible event. An event that will hopefully see your delegates leave feeling informed, stretched and energised. But can you be sure they feel this way?

There is always the opportunity to ‘check-in’ with a show of hands, some plenary questions or even an obligatory evaluation form. But will these techniques create the sense of engagement you want to nurture?

Let’s paint a different picture; alongside your keynote’s lectern a blank canvas stands ready. A canvas that is layered over the course of the event with what is important to the delegates. To capture these images, deadcatdreaming punctuates presentations with audience participation, eliciting the collective understanding. These shared ideas then emerge as the Graphic Facilitator becomes the audience’s brush and paints BIG their feedback.

I thought it might be distracting to have the artwork created alongside the presenters, but it was fascinating. It appears gradually and gives us visual thinkers something to focus on when we become distracted. An absolutely lovely process.

At the end of the event, the artwork and it’s embedded narratives become a ready-made summary; reflecting back the group’s own values and the clearly visible fact that they have been heard.

Timetable already at bursting point? Wish you had more time?

Why not position us in the lobby or alongside the refreshments to capture the conversations and your event’s buzz, making full use of the entire day.






These were just a few examples,

if you have a question…