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Mission Maps

Ready to find real treasures? Mission Mapping is deadcatdreaming’s inclusive approach to shared action planning.

Rooted in participatory design, the process brings people together to achieve better outcomes. The easy to follow format and use of symbolic images to anchor meaning helps participants align and coordinate their efforts.

It works especially well with diverse groups made up of different interests and perspectives. Whether it be workers from across your organisation or a mixed group of staff, clients and senior managers. In fact, anyone effected by what you are hoping to explore will always add value.

It was fantastic. We had managers, practitioners, young people and their families, as well as partner agencies, all sharing their vision of what they wanted to see us prioritise as a service over the next two years. We achieved so much today and I can see us achieving much more as we move forward with our map.

Taking you from where you are now to where you collectively dream of reaching, the seven-step journey is well proven. Producing not only clear targets but also a sense of ownership and responsibility, these co-created maps inspire a commitment to making shared aspirations real.

Without the visuals and the structure, we would have spent the day going round in circles. We can actually see where we are aiming for. Things can start moving straight away.

Mission Mapping is a jointly facilitated workshop, tag-teaming a Graphic Facilitator and a Process Facilitator. The Process Facilitator, jokingly referred to as the ‘Question-Ear’, focuses on the lines of enquiry and elicits the strategic ideas; supporting the group as they chart their own direction.






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