Back in 2013 Ripstone was a new lean start-up with big ideas. They wanted to disrupt the digital gaming world. They wanted to offer a radically different approach to developing, producing and distributing fresh ‘indie’ titles. Drawing on a punk rock sensibility, they wanted to bring evocative and overlooked works to screens around the world.

As they transitioned into 2014, they knew that they needed to make the most of the next 12 months if they were going to have a clear shot at advancing to the next level. Key to this ambitious progress was sharing a clear line of sight on their combined targets, each of them coordinating their actions to collectively progress the company forward.

Powering back up after the Christmas break, the team came together to set out their motivating New Year resolutions. With DCD acting as the ‘in-app guide’, the team used the creative platform to reflect on where they were now starting from, what they had learnt so far, as well as to inventory the resources and tools at their disposal. In true cooperative mode, their vision emerged, bold, bright and uplifting. However, unlike most strategic plans, it was also idiosyncratic, true to the imaginative and rebellious nature of those involved, with some truly off-the-wall metaphors and ideas to really shake things up.

What this event didn’t do was set numerical targets or define statements of intention. Instead, what it did produce was a shared belief in what they could and would collectively achieve in the year ahead. As the team worked side-by-side to paint their vision, you could visibly see the energy levels rising ready for the next stage.

Fast-forward several years and the company continues to charge ahead. Having grown fourfold in size, Ripstone can boast an award-winning team and a reputation in the industry for fair play. A reputation that took root in the image of a ‘greenhouse’; a visual metaphor that gave form to the belief that nurturing equitable and ethical relationships between development and publishing encourages better games to flourish.

“When people visit our office they always ask about our crazy artwork, next we are explaining how it represents our unique vision as an indie publisher; and to think we created it and painted it ourselves…Amazing!”


Phil Gaskell

Creative Director Ripstone

The collaborative artwork continues to energise. Mounted on the wall of their offices, this constant reminder of what was originally agreed, now helps summarise to visitors the origin story and collective values as an illustrated introduction.


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