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You are doing your utmost to listen to your service users, valuing and incorporating their contribution; capitalising on their experiences and expertise. But there’s a chance that despite this, your public facing literature fails to reflect the core value of  ‘together’ that you champion. This is where BIGGER Picture can excel.

Why settle for strategy documents that conform to ‘corporate’, or lacklustre information leaflets that do your organisation a disservice. Instead, you could empower your customers and service users to share their collective narrative in a way that is both safe and also evocative.

Working through the key features in the message you want to share, deadcatdreaming can support your group, eliciting what they see as being important about what you do and the information you are wanting to promote.

Described in their own heartfelt terms, using imagery and quotes they have provided, deadcatdreaming uses this creative spark to ensure your message speaks directly to your intended audience. The outcome is a professional, accessible and compelling hybrid; a version that illustrates who you really are as an organisation and the difference that you make.

Supplied as a print ready design and/or for online viewing, these bespoke packages will always be as unique and as special as your organisation.


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